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    Like most people, I got my license as soon as I could after turning 16. Soon after that, my dad bought a Mini Cooper, which was a stick. He had me download your course so I could learn to drive stick shift. It worked really well because then my dad couldn’t yell at me about doing things wrong. Well, at least not as much. It was really fun. Thanks for a great course! * "It's even better than having an instructor in the car!"

    Madison, WI

    I had been working on the loading dock at UPS since I got out of high school. Shortly after my daughter was born I was given an opportunity to become a driver. Only problem was that all the trucks had manual transmissions and I had to pass a driving test to get the promotion. My wife found your course on line and I taught myself to drive stick and passed the test! Soon I will be taking the test for my CDL so that I can become an over-the-road driver for UPS. Your course has made it possible for me to more than double my income. Thanks!

    Milwaukee, WI

    As a rabbinical student, I was thrilled when my father offered to send me to Israel on vacation. However, my excitement was dampened when I found out that renting an automatic transmission vehicle there was extremely expensive. The cost would have made the touring I wanted to do impossible. However, manual transmission vehicles were plentiful and much less expensive. I didn’t have time to learn to drive stick before my trip, so I took a chance and downloaded your course before I left. I popped the CD into the rental car that I picked up at Ben-Gurion Airport and taught myself to drive stick! Your course worked great – Thank you.

    B. Feinstein
    New Jersey

    Hey I didn't find a section to do a testimonial on the site so I decided to email you by saying thanks for the program. It has really helped because its all about knowing why you do things to perfect driving a stick shift. Its not about timing or anything just pure basic mechanics. I have been driving my dads 97 F350 and couldn't figure out why sometimes I stalled and times I didn't. Since I got your tape and found the catch point I have driven that truck 6 times and yet not stalled out. It feels great cause I wanna get a sports car and now that I am perfecting my shifting I wont have to worry about stalling out in the city in front of everyone and in nice car.

    TJ Taylor

    During the period of time I was stationed at Kings Bay naval base, a friend of mine offered me the use of his Celica GT when he was at sea. We were deployed for three months at a time on alternate crews of the USS Pennsylvania. This was an offer that was too good to refuse, but I was unable to drive the car because it was a stick shift. I had to find a way to learn, so I downloaded your course and taught myself to drive it. As a submariner I have had the benefit of some of the world's best trainers, and I want to complement you for a very comprehensive and easy to learn course. If I had known how much fun it was to drive a stick shift I would have learned years ago. Thanks again.

    Nick Rozanski
    Norfolk, VA

    All of my life I've worked very hard towards my dream of owning a Porsche. Last year I realized that dream, but for the last six months I have hesitated to teach my wife to drive it. My obvious concern was the effect of her learning to drive a stick shift, on the gearbox of my new expensive car. I found your course on the Internet and wanted to try it, but to be honest I was skeptical. I purchased the course and asked a colleague to use it to teach his wife to drive stick. Since he had problems teaching his wife to drive his BMW, I felt it would be a good test. The success they had with your course gave me the confidence I needed to teach my wife. Your course is amazingly comprehensive, and both women have reached a high degree of proficiency. I no longer have to worry about my gearbox! Thank you for your very effective course. I'm going to send the course on to my daughter in California. This has been a real bargain - three for the price of one!

    Scott Shiffman
    Atlanta, GA

    I had been looking for good step by step instructions on how to drive a stick shift car for a while and feel lucky to have found your course. I had always wanted to learn how to drive a stick, but the few times that friends tried to teach me were a complete disaster. I kept stalling the car and never could get it into first, after many attempts. I had given up on ever learning how to drive a stick shift car, even though it was something I really wanted to learn (so I could buy a sports car someday, or drive a friend's car if I needed to). Well, after taking your wonderful course, I now drive a stick like a pro, and am a proud owner of a silver Acura RSX Type S (6 speed). After so many previous attempts at learning to drive a stick, it feels so wonderful to finally be successful!

    Thanks again, Jim, for offering such a unique and effective program.

    Jeff Counts
    Alexandria, VA